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ZOOM 3% 2500 Puff

ZOOM 3% 2500 Puff

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Meet Zoom, the next generation disposable vape.

It comes packed with new industry-leading features that guarantees the user a gratifying, and tasty experience. The Mesh 4D coil, which is at the heart of
Zoom, is what sets it apart. Mesh 4D is the next generation in mesh coil technology. Mesh 4D coils allow for more surface area in contact with the wicking medium than standard mesh coils, resulting in a fuller, more delicious vape. Zoom not only has the best mesh coil technology with Mesh 4D, but it also includes our unique X-FLOW airflow feature. X-FLOW was created with cutting-edge airflow modeling technologies. X-FLOW ensures that the airflow path over the coil is perfectly uniform. This results in the flavor being consistent throughout the lifespan of the device.

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