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Tusk Kratom Capsules

Tusk Kratom Capsules

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From the source of the kratom leaves themselves to the very specific green vein, red vein, white vein, and train wreck strains we’re proud to present, every fine detail of a Tusk product is engineered with effectiveness in mind. We’re positive you won’t find a kratom brand that is more dedicated to your quality of experience than Tusk.


Benefits of White Maeng Da Kratom

  • Increased Sense of Well-Being and Happiness
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Analgesic Effect
  • Nootropic Support
  • Euphoria

Benefits of Trainwreck

  • Increased Energy
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Analgesic Effect
  • Euphoria

Benefits of Red Vein Maeng Da

  • Relaxation Effects
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Mental Calmness
  • Sedative Effect

Benefits of Green Maeng Da

  • Boosts mood & produces a mild to moderate euphoric sensation
  • Relieves chronic pain & inflammation
  • Boosts mental & physical energy (low-dose)
  • Supports faster sleep onset & a deeper, more restorative sleep
  • Alleviates stress & anxiety
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