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Choice Kratom Powder

Choice Kratom Powder

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Choice is of the purest Kratom Powder on the market. 100% natural with no additives or synthetic fillers. Third-party triple-tested for quality and purity you can count on every single time.

Bali: Pain Relief and Sedative Properties

Maeng Da: Mood Enhancing Stimulation

White Borneo: Motivation and Mental Clarity

Kratom Powders are carefully weighed and measured by expert machines. These powders are:
- Tested for potency, heavy metals, synthetics, and biologicals.
- 100% all-natural powdered leaf
- Heavy metal magnets run through powder to ensure cleanliness
- Powder is then sifted for extra measure for cleanliness

- Resealable container for freshness
- Lot and Batch number for every bottle.
- Hologram seals to identify authentic Choice manufactured products.

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